Molded Fiberglass Fire Retardant Carts

| December 23, 2015

Save Time, Labor and Injury with the Ergonomically Engineered Spring Platform Utility Carts.

McClure springStandard Features
1-piece molded construction
Reinforced bottom
Poly Hi-Tech casters
Caster thread guards
9 Standard Colors


McClure SanitruxBODY
Constructed of high impact, tinted, heavy duty, Class II fire retardant fiberglass.
Molded in one piece with no joints, laps or seams.
Bottoms of most carts are reinforced with 5/8 inch plywood, bonded to the body and completely encapsulated in fiberglass.
Composite is resistant to acids, alkalis and most chemicals.
Finish is smooth on the inside, lightly textured and sealed with a clear coat on the outside

Class II fire retardant classification in accordance with ASTM-E 1354
Compliant: NFPA-1, UFC and California Title 19
Carts are permanently marked with capacity and fire retardant classifications.
Signed independent testing laboratory certificate substantiating the fire retardant properties and smoke data furnished upon request.

Self-closing, easy lift gas prop lid is attached to the truck body by a continuous, concealed stainless steel hinge.
Lid support is equipped with a UL listed fusible link that melts at 212 degrees, allowing the lid to self-close.
Lid perimeter is ringed with gray, non-marking rubber bumper.

6” Performa   round rubber  450 lbs each
8” Performa   round rubber  600 lbs each
Completely sealed, steel roller bearings, attractive zinc plate finish, thread guards

5x1½” Hi-Tech   polyethylene  400 lbs each
Resistant to water, acid, alkaline, steel roller bearings, attractive zinc plate finish, thread guards

5”x2” Polyolefin 500 lbs each


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