Here is why we are SIRIUS about our casters

| December 1, 2016


DURASTAR Casters are engineered to outperform any caster in the industry. The tread on the SIRIUS wheel is manufactured from 100% pure polyurethane that is poured around a high-tech aluminum core. This will eliminate shock and load failure while increasing the overall ergonomic performance factor. Competitors’ wheels will add fillers to the polyurethane tread to “cheapen” the compound, resulting in a wheel that will underperform and fail. (see photos)



The SIRIUS wheel carries an INDUSTRY LEADING 3 YEAR WARRANTY. With sizes ranging from 4 inches to 8 inches in diameter, and 2 inches tread width, Sirius’ wheels can cover any application up to 2000 pounds per wheel!. The high quality, 85 Shore – A durometer polyurethane tread, uniquely combines a smooth softer roll with increased capacity and longer life. This increased life is needed in tow-line and heavy industry applications where fabrication debris and constant movement can effect a lower quality wheel.

Cost of Ownership:

When you choose SIRIUS, you are investing in a reduction of your overall cost of operations, while increasing the ergonomics of your equipment and safety of your employees. DURASTAR has engineered a wheel that will reduce strain on your employees as they maneuver carts and equipment through your operation. If your application requires tug or towing, the increased ergonomics will mean less energy needed and less strain on your equipment. The 3 year warranty means less downtime and increased productivity for your employees.

Overall, the SIRIUS caster line delivers a tough and rugged wheel that not only out performs competition, but delivers an immediate return on investment when considering all factors described.

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